Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Timestripe: Get Started

Timestripe Beginners Guide

Timestripe is a goal-orientated planner application that focuses on more than what you're doing next week. It lets you plan your year and all the goals you want to achieve within this time.

What is Timestripe?

Timestripe is a goal-orientated planner application that not only lets you plan your day with a simple list of to-dos but also helps you plan your entire life using some unique and different views and abilities.

Timestripe has a really clean and simple interface, making focusing on planning your future and goals easy to do. This kind of app is great for anyone who wants to make big changes in their lives, plan and achieve small to big goals and just create more structure.

Timestripe uses features like Horizons to let you see your future plans, this is really good for envisioning what it is you want. By doing this every day you'll find yourself effortlessly working towards your goals.

It also uses Climbs, which are programs tailored to solve a certain need. For example, you can start a program to help you sleep better, beat writer's block and more. Overall Timestripe is a place for planning, achieving and creating a better life.

Key Features of Timestripe

Here are the key features of Timestripe, the goal setting and the yearly planning application. We are going to focus on the two most unique features of this application, Horizons and Climbs.

1. Horizons

Horizons is a really unique and cool feature that allows you to plan for your entire life. Now why would you want to do that?

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This allows you to constantly visually what it is you want to achieve, this could be something big like an abundance of money, a bigger house, or maybe your dream car.

Now you have the ability to think about how you will get there. This impacts the achievements and goals you set for each week, month and year to help you work towards this. These achievements can include learning a new skill, starting a class, or reading a book about something related.

You can also add subgoals, images, schedules and more when planning for each week, month and year of your life.

Horizons is such a unique feature since not many applications have the ability to practically plan your entire life.

2. Climbs

Climbs are pre-designed tasks to help you achieve a certain goal. When you choose a Climb it will automatically populate inside your schedule so you have a plan for achieving this thing.

You can choose from a wide range of Climbs, as seen here.

Get started with Timestripe Climbs.

For example, if you want to work towards beating writer's block, you can add this Climb to your planner to help you gradually improve on this. The same goes for meditation, reading a whole book and much more.

This is a great way to effortlessly add a new goal to your planner without having to worry about how you'll get there. Timestripe has already created all the small tasks you need to perform along the way.

Timestripe also allows you to take notes, organise your day using time blocking, set recurring actions and see your plan from different views.

Alternatives to Timestripe

Interested in Timestripe but still want to look around? Here are some other likewise apps you can learn more about on Tool Finder.

Timestripe Alternative #1 - Routine

First, we have Routine, a daily planner application that users also enjoy for its clean and simple interface. With Routine, you can plan your days and weeks using time blocking, scheduling and colour coordinating.

Routine has some great key features too:

  • Use the Console to quickly capture thoughts and ideas to add to your planner.
  • Create pages and lists for things that don't need scheduling.
  • Connect with Google Calendar.
  • Take notes whilst inside a meeting.

With that, Routine also uses natural language input to speed up the process of adding in new events, it will come up with dates and times to help quickly plan new events and tasks.

Timestripe Alternative #2 - Sunsama

Sunsama also makes a great Timestripe alternative as another daily planner application with a little more towards creating a better work-life balance.

Sunsama isn't just for planning your work, it encourages you to take breaks and weave in some holistic activities too. This helps create a better balance and less burnout.

It helps you create your ideal daily plan including when you should take a break and hold meetings. You can also add other tools to sunsama to create an all-in-one experience.

Some of Sunsama's key features are:

  • Tasks and calendar view in one so you can plan your time effectively.
  • Consolidation of other tools to bring everything in one place like emails and notes.
  • Use for teamwork and collaboration.
  • Plan more than just work, plan holistically and review your daily progress and feelings.

Overall, Sunsama is a daily and weekly planner to emphasise the importance of a healthy work-life balance.

Timestripe Alternative #3 - Motion

Motion is another alternative to Timestripe, that's if you want to use the power of AI to help plan and organise your tasks and daily plans.

Motion is mostly a task management application that combines your calendar and scheduling to help create an overall daily plan. If you don't manage to complete all your tasks AI will automatically move them over and track your progress. This helps you quickly plan your next day and work towards staying on track.

When adding in tasks and projects you can include more contextual data to help Motion organise your time. You can include dates, times, importance and priority.

A few best features of Motion:

  • Ability to add more context to tasks.
  • Use Dark Mode.
  • AI abilities for auto scheduling tasks and calendar events.
  • Create and organise projects in Kanban view.