Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Craft Docs: Get Started

Craft - Ultimate Beginners Guide

Craft is a wonderful app to use for creating personal or team documents in one place.

The Craft app lives somewhere between the likes of Notion and Evernote, giving you the creative ability to craft the perfect workspace for you or you and your team. It also serves as an extensive note-taking application but mainly for crafting documents that go beyond the likes of Google Docs and Microsoft Word basic formatting that many are used to.

With that being said, let's dive into our Craft Beginner's guide to get you started.

Craft is a personal or team document application where individuals can craft detailed and visual workspaces and documents to support a project, study, writing and much more. There's a wide variety of use cases, but many people refer to it as a better Google Docs or Microsoft Word for crafting nicer looking documents to send externally or even manage internally, but it is becoming more common as a team document application too.

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In fact, you can use Craft for pretty much anything that requires written documents or information pieces. For example, project plans, to-do lists, How-To documents, and article outlines.

Think of Craft Docs as a replacement application for things like Google Docs and Microsoft Word and in some ways Notion but not for the project management aspects with databases. It's an in-between of all of these and Evernote. A space for notes and writing, with the addition of created layers and workspaces growing in popularity.

Who Uses Craft Docs?

So who would need to use an app like Craft Docs?

The Craft app is great for any individuals who need a replacement for Notion, Google Docs and Word. It just provides a more visual, and smarter experience for sharing information and documents. It's also a more enjoyable experience, rather than creating the same old text-based documents like you would inside Microsoft Word.

Teams can use Craft Docs to share information about projects, and tasks and collaborate on ideas. Teams can also tag others in documents, share docs in shared spaces and more.

Individuals enjoy the experience of Craft Docs to create a personal place for everything and anything, from writing blog posts to sharing shopping lists. You can pretty much create a page for anything but with a better feel and look with Craft cards, pages and formatting.

The Best Craft Features: Breakdown

Craft Docs has quite a list of special features, but in this Craft Beginners Guide, let's take a look at the top three.

1. Cards

Turn pages into cards to create a visual workspace for any written documents. Creating and using cards gives the page preview a smart thumbnail. Think of these as a way to enhance the internal and external look of every single page you make within a Craft workspace, perfect for teams and individuals building their own space for productivity.

Craft app Cards special feature inside Craft Docs.

Cards is a really simple feature that just adds an extra visual layer to your Craft workspace. You can add pages into one place to create a card, like organising notes with some further styling.

Depending on if you have the premium version of Craft, you can choose different card styles, sizes, themes and colours to create a workspace you enjoy.

2. Pages

Inside Craft documents, you have blocks. These work kind of like Notion where you add different elements to a workspace. Pages are another type of block you can add inside a document.

Craft app pages special feature inside Craft Docs.

You can choose from a wide range of customisation features inside each page like styles and fonts. There are also other handy features like integrating your calendar, adding the weather and tagging people on pages.

Craft Docs have tons of free templates to get you started with creating documents, blocks and pages too.

3. Team Sharing

Crafts Docs is a good place for teams to share and collaborate together.

Craft app team sharing and craft team collaboration.

You can now create shared spaces just for team members to have everything you need in one place, and add your members and guests depending on what you are using Craft for.

Freelancers can add clients to shared spaces to view work, teams can add other team members to spaces to work alongside each other on documents and pages.

Craft Docs are great for teams since you can see in real-time who is working on what. You can also organise your calendar inside the app, and share documents with outside individuals.

Why Do People Use Craft Docs?

Lots of people move over to using Craft as a way to create and personalise their workspaces with a bit more structure than Notion, or Google Docs.

With Craft, teams can create shared spaces, documents and pages to collaborate on ideas and work on projects together. Everything is unified in one place making it easy to track project progress and collaborate together, especially since you can see in real-time who is working on what.

Individuals like to use Craft to create their own personal documents for blogging, to-do lists, personal knowledge management and absolutely anything else that can be written down and turned into a document.

It's overall a fun, creative space to write, share and work together.

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