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Not Instagram Threads. Threads wants to be a Slack replacement that wants you to better manage your team communication using a-sync communication. But is it? App, Team Chat, Inbox Feature

What is Threads for Teams?

Threads is a Slack competitor that helps your team organize communication.

What does Threads do?

Threads is super similar in concept to tools like Twist and Slack too.

Threads Pros: Best Bits

We've used Threads for the last 3 months as a team and here's what we liked:

1. Threads First

Threads within Threads is like inception.

Threads in

The feature allows for seamless communication that works brilliantly with a-sync and one of the best bits is opening up posts and writing them out with full information. One of the things we liked most about posting in threads in channels was that you can add block based posts, which means blocks can be commented on instead of having to reference a certain bit within a post for better and more deeper feedback.

This made communication great with files, audio recordings, images and more elements. This thinking is common in others apps like Twist, but the experience for posting and reading was one of the best we've seen on the a-sync tool market.

2. Fun & Playful Experience

Threads oozes brilliant design throughout., Communication

The way to create a character is fun and playful. This bleeds across the experience with emojis, interactive GIFs and ways to send feedback. Even the inbox is keyboard based meaning you can go down using only your keyboard to clear the inbox of items. Perfect for breezing through them.

3. Audio Channels

The focus on audio for a-sync communication we liked.

Audio Channels -

You can create any audio channel inside of a channel in Threads - a little like the feature Slack Huddles - this allowed for easier communication when just jumping on a post-meeting runover, or reducing the need for cameras all the time.

Audio Recordings in

The other element we liked with audio was the audio recordings with ways to add them per block meaning you can provide feedback directly to the referenced recording.

Threads Cons: Worst Bits

These are the things about Threads that we didn't like:

1. Sync Isn't Great

During our 3 months with Threads, we've found that using it between mobile and desktop. There are days or even spots of time within a day that the synchronization of messages and communication takes 15-20 minutes to come through.

Threads Settings Page

Whilst this isn't as damaging for team using a-sync communication, it still matters. We will aim to reach out to the team to see if this is a bug related element, but we found it struggles on mobile especially when on the go.

2. Higher Pricing

Slack with their mighty company allows for less expensive pricing.

Threads costs only slightly more, but enough per member to be noticeable. This is something when you look at Slack integrations, automations and powerhouse of features you can get a little jealous of. Threads is independent and developed with a vision for playful, a-sync communication so it is very much different to Slack's more real-time conversation focus, but this is something to note.

How much does Threads cost?

Threads costs $8 per user, per month.

How much does cost? for teams

With premium pricing that expands to $18 per user, per month. Annual discounts do apply that bring the pricing down per month, paid annually.

Threads Verdict: Right For Our Team?

Threads is a-sync heaven, it works as a well structured way to create communication that teams can pick up when it is suitable for them. Creating threads and posts is fun and interactive along with the experience with emojis, characters & the onboarding.

Threads for now is probably most suitable for managing a smaller team rather than a team looking to move that already uses something like Twist or Slack, but the company behind Threads is seemingly growing fast and fixing things well.

Threads is a great a-sync place for smaller teams maximum of 10 people.

Should I replace Slack for Threads?

Slack is a staple of many teams routines. For now, we'd probably recommend sticking with Threads, unless you're a super small team. Reason being is that Slack is much more robust with mobile, sync and features that make team collaboration easier.

If you're a team, maybe between 3-5 people, then we'd say the move to Threads is probably a good thing, there's many elements of Threads that brings a-sync communication to life, but if you're larger than 5 people, you might want to wait until sync is stronger and more reliable for communication.

Best Threads Alternatives

Twist and Slack are the closest alternatives to Threads.


Threads give team members a simple and intuitive platform to share their work and communicate with each other in multiple ways.


Threads comes with a range of features to create a flexible workspace, communicate with comments, chat, video call and more.


Threads is a great place for team communication. Create a range of threads to communicate about different pieces of work, projects and tasks.

Understanding Threads

More Questions Answered!

Slack or Threads?

Slack is very real-time centric, whilst Threads offer an a-sync way to chat in a unique messaging application that harks elements of Doist's Twist. Slack does have a feature called "threads" too but not as expansive and product opinion driven at Threads is.

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