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Not Instagram Threads. Threads - a Slack replacement that wants you to better manage your team communication using a-sync communication for more mindful work chat.

Team Chat Abilities for Threads, Slack Replacement

What is Threads?

Threads is a team communication app that provides a centralised platform for workplace collaboration and communication.

The app allows team members to share information, files, and messages in real-time, reducing the need for lengthy email chains and unnecessary meetings. Threads is designed to be an all-in-one solution for team communication, providing a range of features to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Some of the key features of Threads include group and direct messaging, file sharing, and integration with third-party tools like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The app also allows users to create channels for specific projects or departments, making it easy to organise and track conversations related to specific topics. Threads is super similar in concept to tools like Twist and Slack too.

Manage Followups in Threads, Team Chat

Best Features of Threads

These are some key features of Threads for team communication.

1. Messaging

Thread's main feature is its messaging ability for teams. You can create numerous channels to discuss certain topics or tasks and chat directly with each individual team member too.

Each team member can create their own avatar image and set statuses to show when they are busy, in meetings or anything else to indicate they are away from their mobile or desktop. There are tons of cool features that come along with messaging inside Threads, so here's a quick rundown. You can turn threads into presentations with video calls, you can easily integrate other applications to support this.

You can quickly start a voice chat or video inside Threads to go over a task or share ideas, you can create multiple channels and even use AI to generate summaries, responses and ask questions. Finally, you can see all messages inside the inbox and when finished, simply tick them off as tasks to stay on top of your messages and avoid them clogging up.

2. Collaboration

Thanks to the tons of messaging abilities, Threads is also a great place to collaborate and talk about projects and tasks together. chat app for teams

By creating different channels and threads for specific topics and tasks, teams can all be on the same page with what needs to be done. You can send website links, attachments, emojis, and voice notes and start a meeting directly in the chat.

You can also see when each member is online so you can work together inside other applications on projects and chat within Threads.

3. Integration

Threads allows for many integrations to assist with collaboration, project management, tasks and much more. The ability to integrate other tools extends the use of the app, making it great for teams to work remotely, hybrid and asynchronously.

Some of the apps and tools you can integrate are calendar apps, Jira, GitHub, Figma, Sentry and much more.

Threads Pricing

Let's take a look at how much Threads costs to use.

How Much Does Threads Cost?

You can use a 14-day free trial with Threads to see if it would work for you and your team, after that, you can choose from two upgrade options and pay annually or monthly.

  • Threads Professional is $10 per user per month - With this you get unlimited users and all integrations available. You can also be assured Threads is safe with all the GDPR and SOC2 compliances. Also, of course, get unlimited threads and chats.
  • Threads Business is $18 per user per month - Business is the same but with added invitation controls, SSO (single sign-on) and SCIM for managing user data.

Who is Threads Best For?

Threads is an app best used for teams who want to communicate asynchronously and in real-time. Threads provide a cool and neat way to communicate with many abilities to speed up processes and help with managing tasks and projects.

Teams can create multiple threads, set statuses, send voice messages and connect their calendars. Overall, it creates a space for communication, sharing information and connecting teams together.

Best Alternatives to Threads

There are plenty of tools similar to Threads but the biggest are Twist and Slack.


Threads give team members a simple and intuitive platform to share their work and communicate with each other in multiple ways.


Threads comes with a range of features to create a flexible workspace, communicate with comments, chat, video call and more.


Threads is a great place for team communication. Create a range of threads to communicate about different pieces of work, projects and tasks.

Understanding Threads

More Questions Answered!

Slack or Threads?

Slack is very real-time centric, whilst Threads offer an a-sync way to chat in a unique messaging application that harks elements of Doist's Twist. Slack does have a feature called "threads" too but not as expansive and product opinion driven at Threads is.

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