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What's good about Threads

What's good

  • Simple
  • Feature-Rich
  • Communication
What's not good about Threads

What's not good

  • Early Access

Threads Key Features

Threads Key feature #1


Threads give team members a simple and intuitive platform to share their work and communicate with each other in multiple ways.

Threads Key feature #2


Threads comes with a range of features to create a flexible workspace, communicate with comments, chat, video call and more.

Threads Key feature #3


Threads is a great place for team communication. Create a range of threads to communicate about different pieces of work, projects and tasks.

What is Threads?

Threads is a team communication app that provides a centralised platform for workplace collaboration and communication.

The app allows team members to share information, files, and messages in real time, reducing the need for lengthy email chains and unnecessary meetings. Threads is designed to be an all-in-one solution for team communication, providing a range of features to streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Some of the key features of Threads include group and direct messaging, file sharing, and integration with third-party tools like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The app also allows users to create channels for specific projects or departments, making it easy to organise and track conversations related to specific topics. Threads is super similar in concept to tools like Twist and Slack too.

Communication Features in Threads

These are some key features of Threads:

  • Group and direct messaging
  • Real-time file sharing and collaboration
  • Integration with third-party tools like Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Channel creation for specific projects or departments
  • Robust search functionality to find past conversations and files
  • Real-time notifications to stay up-to-date on important messages and updates
  • Customizable notifications and settings
  • User and group management for efficient collaboration
  • Message threading to keep conversations organized and easy to follow
  • End-to-end encryption for secure communication
  • Mobile and web-based access for easy communication on the go.

Is Threads Right For My Team?

The Threads team communication app is best suited for organisations of all sizes and industries. It is particularly beneficial for remote teams or teams with members in different locations as it provides a centralised platform for real-time communication, file sharing, and project management.

This is currently still in early access, so not out to the world yet. But Threads really is centric around the a-sync, remote concept for people handling team communication.

Understanding Threads

More Questions Answered!

Slack is very real-time centric, whilst Threads offer an a-sync way to chat in a unique messaging application that harks elements of Doist's Twist. Slack does have a feature called "threads" too but not as expansive and product opinion driven at Threads is.

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