A piece of paper. A white or lined piece of paper for writing notes, ideas and more.

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Classic productivity toolkit to have at your arsenal and an OG system for planning.

What is Paper?

The paper was traditionally made from rags for drawing, writing and markings, essentially a huge step up from cave drawings and a way to create manuscripts and documents.

Now the paper has been refined into thin, white sheets, easily found in books, notepads, leaflets, and newspapers. It's everywhere and easily accessible to obtain and use.

In the productivity world, many of us prefer paper for jotting down ideas and enjoying the physical experience of writing. Especially for things like journaling and brain dumps.

The Key Features of Paper

Here are the key features of paper, found in books, notebooks, printers, and wherever else.

  • Super thin texture is really lightweight perfect for travel.
  • Can use a range of pens and pencils to create drawings, notes and more.
  • Can cut paper to size, or even stick lots of bits of paper on walls for inspiration.
  • A good way to practice handwriting and fine motor skills.
  • A traditional method of note-taking that will never get old.

Who is Paper Best Suited For?

Paper can be used for teams and individual use. Most commonly used by individuals for their own purposes, but larger sheets of paper can be used to present meetings and ideas. Paper isn't too expensive but you can definitely buy more premium kinds of paper.

Keep in mind that paper is a one-time use thing, so you will always have to buy more. It's super easy to use, you just have to know how to write or use a pen and pencil.

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