Best Unknown Productivity Apps for iPad

Best Unknown Productivity Apps for iPad Productivity

Christopher Lawley runs an Apple-centric YouTube channel helping to showcase hardware and software for iOS and iPad. One of his very lucky jobs is to explore software that is lesser known or unknown to many to help collect the best productivity apps for work and life that aren't the big players like Trello or Asana.

This piece explores all of the most unknown productivity apps according to Christopher Lawley as we dive into many independently developed productivity apps on iOS and iPad.

Task Management: Tasks

Newly Launched Tasks 3 Experience

Managing your tasks is a must and Christopher uses himself, Tasks. Yes, you heard that right a tasks app called Tasks, but there is lots packed into Tasks. This is developed by Mustafa Yusuf and focuses on managing your tasks, projects and workload.

What is Tasks?

For tasks, Christopher went with something a bit more independent compared to Todoist and Microsoft To-Do, as more basic common tools for task management. He loves how Tasks allows you to manage your tasks and projects in a Kanban style and inclusion of smart task lists too for compiling the correct workload.

You can collaborate with others inside of Tasks, which makes it even more expansive. Tasks is great at adapting to your project versus forcing you into a system, Chris believes. We had Christopher pegged as an Apple Reminders user, we were certain.

Pomodoro Timer: Focused Work

Next up, a timer application that many will love thanks to the nature of Pomodoro as a system. This application helps to set timers automatically and set focused work sessions giving you the best outcome for your Pomodoro timed sessions.

Journaling App: Everlog

The next tool is a journal application called Everlog. Christopher is probably very excited for Apple Journal we're sure, but for now it's all Everlog. Security is one of the main focuses on Everlog, giving you clarity on your journal notes being secured.

Calendar Management: Calendar 366

Menu Bar for MacOS, Calendar 366

We have many calendar apps here on Tool Finder, but Calendar 366 is very unique. With full iOS and macOS support, Calendar 366 gives a window into your week with a nice macOS menu bar experience for plotting out your upcoming meetings and events, but also your own plans beyond that too.

Calendar App: Calendar 366

Actions for Obsidian

Actions for Obsidian is an extension to Obsidian that allows for better experience of workflow management inside of Obsidian. We've come across this application before, independently developed, more tools within tools are coming out every single day. \

Actions by Obsidian helps to optimise workflows and shortcuts in Obsidian. Perfect for managing Obsidian much faster with over 30 different workflows and shortcuts to use.

Time Tracking: Timery

This application is a time-tracking application that works well on Apple-centric devices and allows you to connect with Toggl for better management of timers and reports too. This makes life easier for management with time tracking, popular with freelancers.

Focused Work: Ochi for Distractions

Ochi wants to be the base for your distractions. It doesn't want you to have any distractions making Ochi a popular tool. Much like tools like Freedom, it helps to block websites and also applications for better focused work sessions. Combined with Focused Work it could probably be a weapon for iOS and Apple-centric users to love.

Sound Productivity: Dark Noise

Productivity at the desk is getting more detailed, sound is now a factor. For those who wear headphones, yes there is noise-cancelling abilities, but many are turning to tools like Dark Noise and Endel for creating sound environments that induce focused work.

This is becoming incredibly popular for helping people to stay focused in deep work states.

Christopher's Sound App: Dark Noise