5 New Note-Taking Apps Making Waves in 2023

5 New Note-Taking Apps Making Waves

Note-taking apps will forever be a popular choice of application, most people who have ideas, thoughts or even things to remember will use a notes app to store and organise notes effectively. More and more note-taking apps appear every single week.

So, let's take a look at the newest note-taking applications making waves in 2023:

Why Get A Note-Taking App?

First off, why even bother getting a note-taking application?

You can write notes down on a napkin, a piece of paper or even on the back of your hand. However, nothing can compare to the way a note-taking application works.

Your notes can be stored, organised and saved forever inside a little app on your device. There's no need for lost bits of paper and forgotten ideas.

The benefit of using a notes app is to remember ideas and stay focused on what you want and what you are doing. Notes can be written for anything from projects, studying new topics, or even random ideas that pop into your head.

5 New Note-Taking Apps to Check Out

We have gathered together five that we believe to be some of the most up-and-coming and what we think will be popular ones in the year ahead in 2023.

All of these are new apps gaining popularity in the note-taking and planning space.

Capacities is an object-based note-taking platform. It gives you a place to really express your thoughts and ideas all in an open space of connected objects, boards and notes. It's a really valuable tool for those who want to create a knowledge management process.

Overall, Capacities provides a dynamic and flexible note-taking experience, perfect for letting your creativity and ideas flow, with no limitations as you have with folders and files.

Connected Notes, Linked Notes, Capacities

Some Key Features of Capacities

A few things that make Capacities the creative and flexible note-taking app are;

  • Stored on secure servers, with API integrations.
  • Objects are used for notes.
  • Blocks are used for the main content.
  • Properties for a more structured input.
  • Customisable create your own types.
  • Rich-text editing.
  • Share notes with others.
  • Use backlinks.

Napkin kind of takes the place of the whole "writing notes on a napkin" idea we said earlier on. It's a nice, traditional even nostalgic way of taking notes, however now you can do it inside this app.

Napkin makes it really easy to quickly capture thoughts and ideas, overtime Napkin becomes more in tune with the way your mind and thoughts work and it automatically brings forward past and relevant notes.

Napkin Notes, Notes, Mind Map, Creativity Bubble

The Key Features of Napkin

Napkin has a range of cool features, here are a few:

  • Quickly capture notes inside a simple interface.
  • Notes are connected together.
  • Topic suggestions based on your activity.
  • Daily flow resurfaces older notes it thinks you might like or need.
  • Magic tags do the tagging for you.
  • Sync Readwise to Napkin to save notes.
  • Ideas are compounded together to inspire creativity.

Notes App #3 - Twos

The Twos app has a really simple and sleek interface a lot of users will enjoy. It's an easy app to get started with and it also has more capabilities than just jotting down notes.

With Twos you can write to-do lists for your day, integrate your calendar, create lists, get reminders and plan for the week. So, this app is maybe a little more than just notes, but a good choice if you're looking for a notes and planner application in one.

Twos Note-Taking Apps on iPads

The Key Features of Twos

Twos have some very basic but great key features...

  • Built for quickly capturing daily notes.
  • Link to a calendar to set reminders.
  • Create endless lists for whatever you want.
  • Collaborate and share lists with others.
  • It's free to use.
  • Plan days/weeks.

Notes App #4 - Reflect Notes

Reflect Notes is one of these applications that just have all the technology you need to make note-taking easy, connected and feel really good. Reflect Notes now has AI integration with Chat GPT-4 and OpenAI Whisper, meaning it has way more to it than just a connected graph of notes.

Reflect allows you to quickly capture thoughts, connect them in a graph to sync notes together, share the content offline, save snippets from the web and also integrate your calendar to set reminders for events, and more.

Reflect Notes, Dark Mode, on Mac, Taking Notes

The Key Features of Reflect Notes

Reflect Notes has a ton of features, here are some that make it stand out.

  • AI assist with Chat GPT-4 and Whisper integration.
  • Save snippets from the web and Kindle.
  • End-End encryption.
  • Integrate your calendar.
  • Index past notes and ideas, quickly search and locate.
  • Use voice notes, create article outlines and check spelling and grammar.

Notes App #5 - xTiles

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xTiles is another application that is more than just one of our new note-taking apps. xTiles has a lot more to it, meaning it can be used as an all-in-one workspace for personal use, all the way to larger agencies.

With xTiles you can customise your workspace to fit within your needs, drag and drop different tiles, boards, lists and more to create a flow that works for you. Create tasks from notes and ideas, link with your calendar to schedule events and even use AI assist all in one place.

Week Planner, Notion Alternative, xTiles

The Key Features of xTiles

As an all-in-one note-taking app, xTiles has a lot of features.

  • Plan, research and brainstorm ideas in one place.
  • Great for visual projects with a lot of customisation features.
  • Drag and drop tiles to customise the workspace.
  • Schedule tasks and events.
  • Important and export ability,
  • Nesting blocks add more context to notes.
  • Use templates from the Template Gallery to get started.
  • Collaborate and share workspaces with others.

So Which Notes App Should I Choose?

Now you've taken a look at some of our chosen new note-taking apps you might be wondering which one suits you best...

Think about whether you need an all-in-one application like xTiles, where you can plan and work on entire projects by yourself or with a team. xTiles also allows for some creativity with templates and the ability to craft your own workspace.

Or maybe you want a place that connects your notes, thoughts, and ideas using AI to spark inspiration and creativity like Napkin and Reflect. Apps that use connected notes and graphs can also be great for PKM.

If it's PKM you're also after, Capacities is growing in popularity with its different take on notes using objects instead of files and folders to organise.

Finally, Twos is a great choice if you're looking for a free and simple app to get started with to write notes, plan your day and create lists.

Explore all our note-taking apps and all our tools here on Tool Finder and find the perfect productivity tool for you.