Best Productivity Apps for Android

Best Productivity Apps for Android

Here's our list of best productivity apps for Android users, these tools are all great for Android devices and fulfil a range of different productivity needs.

Best Productivity Apps For Android: Summarised

Here's our list of Android productivity apps, in no particular order.

  • Todoist - For a solid to-do list experience with a Google Material Design for Android.
  • Google Tasks - A simple task application to connect with Gmail.
  • Notesnook - An open-source application that's simple and secure.
  • Daily Bean - Gamifies daily mood tracking application.
  • Spike - For conversation-like emails between teams.
  • Evernote - A classic all-rounder application for notes, tasks and to-dos.
  • Google Keep - Just like having post-it notes for your phone.
  • Canary Mail - For AI email management on Android devices.
  • - Good for calendars and tasks inside a simple and easy-to-use space.
  • Otter Notes - Good for transcribing notes from using audio capture.
  • 5 Minute Journal - created by Intelligent Change for an online journal.

Best Productivity App For To-Do Lists on Android

Todoist Google Material Design for Android users.

Todoist is a to-do list application with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Todoist on Android now uses the Google Material Design. This just makes the app fit better with existing Android interfaces and makes the app easy to navigate and provides a better user experience.

Todoist allows you to add tags, assign members and prioritise your tasks, you can also integrate with your calendar too. On mobile, you can quickly add in new to-dos and manage them straight from your Android device.

Todoist is best suited for anyone who needs to take better control of all their tasks and to-dos, you can do this by integrating your calendar and setting reminders for when tasks are due.

Best Simple Tasks App For Android Users

Google Tasks on Android for task management and to-do lists.

Google Tasks is a simple and easy-to-use task application perfect for existing Google users and Android devices. You can manage all your notes, tasks and to-dos in one place and sync them with your other devices logged into your Google account.

Quickly capture any tasks and add them to your calendar to create a schedule and set reminders for when to complete the tasks. You can also create sub-tasks and add details to your tasks such as locations, notes and more.

Google Tasks is best suited for those within the Google ecosystem, you'll already have a feel for the user experience and can integrate other Google tools.

Best Open Source Notes App For Android

Notesnook secure note-taking app with end-to-end notes.

Notesnook provides an open-source, private, end-to-end encrypted space for all your note-taking needs. You may want a super secure note-taking app to make sure none of your information, ideas or notes is hacked or leaked to anyone else.

With Notesnook you can share private notes with others, with secret passcodes to access. You can also sync your notes across all devices, still secure, and you can access them anywhere you are. Do all the things you want to do with note-taking such as web clipping, editing text and more, just in a super secure space.

Notesnook is great for anyone who wants to create a private space for all their notes, diary entries, and communications within their teams.

Best Mood Tracking App On Android

Daily Bean mood tracker and reflection app.

Daily Bean is a mood-tracking application, it's a great mindfulness tool for managing and creating the habit of tracking your mood alongside logging what you have done for the day. You simply have to add a bean emoji of your mood and also input a small diary entry.

Over time you will be able to see your stats and make connections between what is influencing your mood, this is good for making lifestyle changes to lead a happier life.

Daily Bean is good for anyone who feels like they're having a lot of low days, and trying to work towards creating a happier and healthier lifestyle. You can look back on your stats and see what contributes to having a better day and make the effort to do these acts more often.

Best Conversational Email App for Android

Manage your Docs, Email and Conversations in Spike Mail

Spike allows you to create a team space for all your chats, notes and meetings, this means you can have all communication work effectively in real-time in one place. It also feels more fun to use and creates a better environment for communication.

Spike also allows you to use AI assistance for emails, replies, notes, brainstorming and more. This creates a fast-paced environment to get more work done, you can then use these documents and brainstorms inside Spike to collaborate and use in meetings.

This app is of course best used for teams who communicate a lot and work remotely or hybrid.

The Best All Rounder App For Android Users For Notes

Evernote for Android users.

Evernote is an all-in-one task, notes and calendar tool for users to combine everything they need from to-do lists to web clippings in one space. You can schedule your tasks here in Evernote, alongside your notes and documents.

Use the powerful search tool to find anything you have added to your Evernote app and sync across all devices. You can even add PDFS, audio, images and more.

Evernote is best suited for someone who is looking for an all-in-one space for notes, reminders, documents, PDFS and more. Evernote enables you to get rid of other apps and just use one space.

Quick Notes for Android Productivity

Google Keep on Mobile App, iOS and Android

Google Keep is a really simple and easy-to-use note-taking app for mobiles, perfect for Android users. You can essentially create Post-it notes to add notes and to-do lists creating a fun and creative way to capture ideas and things you need to do.

You can use audio to create notes quickly on the go, add photos, share notes with friends and family and set reminders to make sure you don't miss a thing.

Google Keep is good for anyone who needs a simple way to jot down notes and to-do lists for the day and have them easily accessible on their mobile device.

Best Android Productivity App For AI Email Assistance

Canary Email on different devices syncing.

There aren't many email applications available on Android, however, Canary Mail is available to fulfil superfast emailing needs. You can use AI assistance with Canary Mail to help write emails, replies, prioritise emails and much more, making it a fast and convenient email application to use.

Canary Mail also has end-end encryption to make sure your emails are secure, this includes the existing emails you integrate from the likes of Gmail, Outlook and more. Canary Mail also has other useful features like sending read receipts and one-click unsubscribing.

Canary Mail is best used for those who send a lot of emails and are looking to save more time with the help of AI.

Five Minute Journal App on Android for gratitude journaling.

The Five Minute Journal was originally created as a physical journal, you can now use the app on your device that works just like to physical copy. This is great because the app is less expensive, and you can access your journal wherever you are.

The Five-Minute journal encourages you to express gratitude, log your mood and journal about how your day has gone. It will give you daily questions to answer, mostly including what you are grateful for and why. A method for creating a happier mind.

This application is great for anyone who wants to start gratitude journaling but can't find the time or doesn't want to buy a journal. It's easy to use and you can set reminders.

DayOne Journal - A Great App For Journalling Your Day

DayOne is another popular journal application great for journaling about your day, of course. You can create notes, add images and essentially create a digital diary for yourself including audio, drawing and videos.

You can then search for older entries, giving you a place to reflect on holidays, happy moments and things you want to remember. DayOne can also be synced with all your devices so you can access your journal and add new entries on the go.

DayOne is a great app for anyone who already enjoys journaling but would like to digitalise their experience to keep all entries safe and encrypted within an app.

Otter Notes - For Transcribing Notes From Audio

OtterPilot AI for transcribing notes.

Otter is a clever AI application for transcribing all notes, meetings, audios and team chats in one place, saving you time and allowing you to quickly capture important information without having to remember everything.

Otter basically allows you to focus more on your conversation, allowing you to engage during meetings and not worry about taking notes at the same time. Just set Otter AI up and begin recording conversations to later read through.

This app is best suited for anyone who holds lengthy meetings, or to keep minutes from meetings to use towards projects and tasks.

Key Takeaways

So which Android productivity tool should you download? Here's a few best picks.

Best Android Calendar App - Google Calendar

Perfect for anyone already within the Google ecosystem, but it's also so easy to use.

Best Android Tasks App - Todoist

Todoist is a great all-around to-do list app for setting reminders and priorities.

Best Android Notes App - Evernote

Evernote provides an all-in-one space for all notes, tasks and calendars.

Best Journal App - 5 Minute Journal

The Five Minute journal replaces the need for a physical journal and promotes mindfulness.

So, there we have it, a huge list of the best apps for Android productivity.

How To Find The Best Android Productivity Apps

When looking for a new app it's best to do your research before downloading something onto your device. This is especially important if it isn't a well-known application like Evernote. Since anyone can create an app you want to make sure it's reliable and credible.

To research the developers of an app you can simply Google them and check for social media accounts, especially Twitter to see any recent updates and news on the app.

You also want to check out reviews, these can be found inside the Google Play Store when looking for an application, reviews give you an insight into how the app runs, if it's too slow and if it's worth downloading.

Finally, you can also see which app Google recommends on your Android device, Google will only ever recommend applications it thinks are credible.