5 New Microsoft Loop Features: What's New?

Microsoft Loop - Think Plan Create Together, Notion Competitor

Microsoft Loop is a hot topic in the team productivity space for managing your collaboration across the Microsoft ecosystem, but is it still challenging the likes of Notion?

Before we commence into the newest features of Microsoft, let's first explore the value of the Microsoft Loop experience from the core including the likes of workspaces, co-pilot, pages and Loop components, something unique to the Microsoft Loop experience.

5 New Features in Microsoft Loop

We recently explored this topic of the new features on our YouTube channel.

Loop introduced a new concept for many but the platform has been expanding past the web experience to the Microsoft Store on Windows and better on mobile, but what's new with the latest Microsoft Loop experience for features.

Microsoft Loop, What's New Popup

1. Saved Drafts

Saved drafts is new in Microsoft Loop allowing your un-posted comment drafts to now be saved, even on pages that refresh. The draft saves and is ready for you whenever.

2. Microsoft Teams Meetings

Loop components can be used inside of Microsoft Teams now in real-time. These loop components come in the form of meetings notes to connect with Teams meetings. This continued investment into existing Microsoft ecosystem will continue to get better.

This Microsoft Teams feature is ideal for building an agenda, co-editing notes and sharing next steps in a Loop component.

Using Microsoft Teams Notes with Microsoft Loop

3. Now on Windows

Microsoft Loop is now on the Microsoft Store for Windows devices. Perfect for downloading without the raw download and via an App Store.

4. More Stock Cover Images

Microsoft have added 10,000s of more stock cover images for your Microsoft Loop workspace. You can now use them to spruce up each page.

Microsoft Loop Stock Cover Photos, Loop Pages

5. Microsoft Planner x Microsoft Loop

Coming soon to Microsoft Loop is Microsoft Planner allowing you to better collaborate on a project management app without leaving loop as a Loop Component. Perfectly explained below in this guide by Darrell from Remote Work Mentor.

Notion vs Microsoft Loop: Which is Better?

Notion is a well established productivity tool as an all-in-one way to collaboration with millions of users worldwide, Microsoft Loop has a lot of catching up to do. But with the power of Microsoft behind it and special features like "Loop Components" it could well do.

Microsoft Loop is still early days. Each time they release a new Microsoft ecosystem feature it continues to get stronger as Microsoft Loop thrives on connections to existing services and products in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.