Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft To-Do: Get Started

Microsoft To-Do Beginners Guide

Microsoft To-Do is a to-do list application within the Microsoft Ecosystem. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for managing things you need to get done. In this guide, we show the best features and how to get started with Microsoft To-Do.

What is Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is a to-do list and tasks application that helps you organise your day, assign tasks, manage to-dos and overall create a better system for getting things done.

Microsoft To-Do is of course within the Microsoft Ecosystem so you can add in other applications here like adding tasks straight from Outlook.

Using Microsoft To-Do on Multiple Devices, Shows My Day View

It's basically like a mix of Google Tasks and Todoist, with a little bit of TickTick. The basics of a task management application anyone can get started with and use.

Key Features of Microsoft To-Do

Here are some great features of Microsoft To-Do:

1. My Day

The My Day area is where you can add everything you want to get done or add tasks straight into your daily to-do.

Microsoft To-Do, Formerly Wunderlist, My Day View

My Day in Microsoft To-Do uses something called suggestions, from here you can add the suggested tasks to your day area, this is helpful for planning and making sure you get things done.

You can have both tasks with or without due dates in here, sort them from importance or however you like, and see a list of completed items at the bottom for a sense of achievement.

2. Steps

You can add multiple steps to your tasks, which means you can break down bigger tasks to make them more manageable and less overwhelming.

Tom Byte Review using Microsoft To-Do on iPad

See a glimpse of how many steps you have completed so you can stay on track and give yourself a sense of achievement too.

Along with adding steps you can also add notes, files due dates, reminders and repeat the tasks.

3. Organising

Microsoft To-Do actually comes with a few organisation options, making managing your tasks and to-do lists a lot easier and less overwhelming.

You can create folders for adding certain lists, for example, you can folder all personal items, work items, shopping lists and more.

From here you can then create groups, just to organise further, so you could create a group for your friends, for family tasks, for personal and work tasks.

4. Collaborating

Microsoft To-Do also allows you to collaborate with your family, friends and team. This is super handy if you need to share a list, assign tasks to someone, and work together.

Sharing List for Wedding, Microsoft To-Do App

Invite others via email to a list, from here you can assign them to tasks within this list. Good for working on projects and with a team. You can also send your lists via email too.

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