Inside Look: Google's Help Me Write in Google Docs

How to Use Help Me Write in Google Docs

Google introduced at Google IO 2023 the new Google Docs feature, Help Me Write.

Help Me Writes helps use gen-AI to create content and write elements of your writing for you, much like the AI tools that are whirling around the productivity space right now.

How to Get Help Me Write in Google Docs

For Google Workspace users, your admin on Google Dashboard needs to approve of this across your Google Workspace. However, you can "express interest" to submit this to your Google Workspace admin and once they do get accepted they can apply Google Docs side.

Google Help Me Write, Labs, Google Workspace

As this is not yet a fully fledged Google Docs feature, it lives as part of Google Labs.

However, if you are a solo user to Google - you can get access to this by just agreeing to their terms and conditions for testing the new Help Me Write function. This can be done on solo Google accounts, we were able to do this with no approval needed.

Head to Google Labs to get access and check what account you are logged into.

Google Help Me Write, Access

How "Help Me Write" works in Google Docs

Okay, good news, you're into the new Google Docs experimental feature. Let's explore.

To show you how Google's new Docs feature works, let's show you some of the key features and inside Google Help Me Write.

1. Hide & Show Help Me Write

This feature can be used within email and you can hit the "x" on the side to minimise it, this helps if you didn't want to use it right away. Think of this as a sidebar experience to access Help Me Write at any time throughout your Google Doc.

Google Help Me Write, Labs Feature, Show and Hide

2. Insert Your Prompt

You can open it up and write a clear prompt. The better you prompt, the better the outcome of the gen-AI writing. So in this case, we've gone with a job outline using Help Me Write.

Help Me Write Prompt

3. Evaluate the Gen-AI Output

This new gen-AI feature helps to produce the AI output which is the job outline. Make sure you check it and you can evaluate how it works best with "refine" or "re-create" inside.

Google Help Me Write, Job Outline Created with AI

4. Refine Your AI Output

This will help you to refine by formalising output, or shortening, expanding or re-phrasing. Remember AI won't get everything right. So using refinement is key.

Google Help Me Write, AI Refine

5. Insert Your AI Help Me Write

If you're happy, you can hit insert using Google Help Me Write and it will add into the content element of your Google Docs file.

Help Me Write, Gen-AI Output

How to Send an Email Using Google Docs, Gmail & AI

Okay, we're going to get smart here. If you're in a team and you want to pre-approve an email copy, with the help of AI - buckle up folks.

1. Prepare your Email Prompt

Send a recommended prompt to the Help Me Write tool.

Write Me An Email, Using AI, Google Labs


With the output added to your document, go to insert and grab the email draft tool.

How to Write an Email inside Google Docs

3. Copy & Check Email

Check your email and copy and paste into the building block, email draft.

Google Docs, Email Draft Building Block

4. Hit the Gmail Preview

Preview your email created with Google Labs Help Me Write and send, if you want.

Using AI within Google Docs to Co-Create an Email

And that's how to write an email within Google Docs, collaboratively, using AI & Gmail.