What is Reclaim Calendar?

Reclaim AI is a smart calendar tool that's perfect for teams. It helps with planning and organising meetings and scheduling breaks to achieve a better work-life balance.

You can sign up for free to get started with Reclaim, it merges with your Google Calendar so your events are already there. You can then add from inside the app on the web.

Overall, Reclaim works to optimise your time, meetings and schedules, it uses AI to figure out the best times for the entire team, therefore increasing productivity.

Key Features of Reclaim Calendar

Here are some key features of Reclaim AI, the smart calendar scheduling tool.

  • Integrate Reclaim AI with other productivity tools to manage tasks inside the smart calendar app.
  • Automatically finds the best times for 1:1 meetings for each team member, it will then reschedule if times conflict.
  • Use "high-priority" and "flexible duration" links to schedule meetings faster inside your smart calendar.
  • Use calendar AI to smart schedule breaks after meetings if you're fully booked to avoid burnout.
  • Use time blocking to manage your calendar to visualise your work and spare time periods.
  • Smart habits are good for creating healthy habits inside your work routine, create habits and be reminded each day.

Who is Reclaim AI Calendar Best Suited For?

Reclaim is best suited for teams who need to optimise their meetings using a smart calendar application.

The 1:1 scheduling tool is perfect for quickly arranging meetings and saving time. Reclaim is free for one user, the price increases the more users you want to add to a plan.

It's also easy enough to get started with since AI does most of the work for you. Alternative Reclaim include the likes of Clockwise, another AI focused calendar team scheduler.


Reclaim uses AI to help you plan each day as best as possible. As a smart calendar app, Reclaim learns your patterns and what works for you.

Team Tasks

Great for teams, Reclaim provides a space to schedule tasks, integrate with other tools, and boost team productivity.


Reclaim AI will automatically schedule breaks and personal time to help the team achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Reclaim AI: Smart Calendar App

Let's Answer Your Reclaim Questions

What is a smart calendar?

A smart calendar is basically a calendar system that uses AI and automation to speed up processes, find the best times for meetings and events, and automates things like task completion, assigning members to tasks and so on.

Can Reclaim AI sync with my existing calendar applications?

Yes, Reclaim AI integrates and syncs with most popular calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple Calendar.

Does Reclaim AI have a mobile app?

Reclaim AI doesn't have a native mobile application. However, you can access your smart calendar on the web, and add this to your home screen.

How does Reclaim smart schedule 1:1 meetings?

Set your working hours and meeting availability and then calendar AI will work out the best times for you and your team members to schedule 1:1 meetings.

Can I also manage tasks with Reclaim AI?

Yes, you can integrate other productivity tools with Reclaim, you can also use your own personal task list inside the smart calendar. This makes it easier to then organise your time and plan events and tasks.

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