Superhuman launches Windows: The Premium Desktop Email Arrives for Windows

Superhuman now expands into Superhuman for Windows after their success of adding Microsoft 365 account access beforehand. Let's explore what's new with Superhuman for Windows.

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The author of this post is Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessio

Wednesday 24th May, 2023



Very simply.

Superhuman has launched Superhuman for Windows. The "fastest email experience" is now coming for PC and Windows users globally along with its well-known price tag. Let's explore what Superhuman for Windows will offer and how it could improve your email.

Superhuman for Windows: Explained!

The new Superhuman for Windows comes as the standard Superhuman experience.

For those new to Superhuman, that includes three core elements to get you rolling: faster email, command bar based email and calendar abilities too. Superhuman themselves claim that this saves the average user three hours or more, each week - and allows them to handle their inbox 2x as fast.

Superhuman for Windows will come with the following features:

  • Email sorting for better filtering of types of email coming in
  • Speedy email native apps extended to Superhuman for Windows
  • Ability to add Outlook or Gmail account
  • The beta experience for email AI allowing you to write smarter emails
  • Command bar for snippets, follow-up, snoozing and sending later on emails
  • With more optionality for team accounts too

What is Superhuman?

How do I download Superhuman?

Superhuman for Windows can be downloaded on any Windows desktop, so this allows you to get started with it.

Remember the pricing, there's no free trial and you can request a Superhuman team member to go through how to optimise your Superhuman, but this does lock you into the pricing.

How much does Superhuman for Windows cost?

So, Superhuman for Windows will be at minimum $30 per person using it.

Plans can expand past that for teams at $45 too and enterprise options too, this isn't for everyone, but individuals who handle email daily and want to do it fast love Superhuman, so the expansion of Superhuman for Windows made total sense.

For individuals and teams this gives fast email for Windows, but not many people will love the pricing, so it is worth looking at alternatives to Superhuman like Spike, Spark Mail and Proton Mail too.

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