New Superhuman AI Features Land: Upcoming Releases

Superhuman has introduced new AI functions for email management. Summarise, craft and improve tone these new features want to make your emails sounding smarter.

New Superhuman AI Features Land: Upcoming Releases  thumbnail image
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Charlotte Dawson

Monday 15th May, 2023



First off, what does Superhuman do?

Superhuman is the fastest emailing experience ever made, so fast it brings back 3 hours of time every week due to its time-saving features.This emailing application was primarily built for teams using Outlook or Gmail, creating a streamlined, fast-paced environment for getting things done.

Some of the abilities of Superhuman are; it automatically triages emails so you never miss a thing, and important emails cannot get lost amongst spam again. This is a good summary.

Follow-up reminders mean you never miss an opportunity, and automated phrases and emails create a faster experience.You can also see when people have read your emails, snooze distracting messages and schedule events straight from your inbox. Superhuman now has AI - meaning this already super fast emailing experience is even quicker.

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What's New in Superhuman AI's Release

Superhuman AI saves users even more time with its automated features and AI abilities. AI can help with a number of things when it comes to emailing, research, transition, summaries, and even writing entire messages.

  • Write entire emails from an idea or phrase when you begin typing your message. This saves so much time and reduces email stress. AI will match your current tone and voice to ensure it sounds just like you.
  • AI fixes writing errors as you type, meaning you don't have to read back over emails and correct them yourself, again, saving time.
  • Improve your writing once you have written an email by choosing an option from the editor, you can make the text sound more formal, playful etc.
  • AI will summarise longer emails so you don't have to spend time reading through them all. Just get the best and most important snippets of information.
  • Superhuman AI is also powered by ChatGPT, ask it for anything to help with writing messages.

Other Tools Adding AI

AI is quickly making its way into other tools, here are a few who have recently updated their software to incorporate artificial intelligence.

  • Google: Summarise, draft and reply to emails using AI. Create documents quickly using rewriting and proofreading with AI. You can read all about it in our recent piece on the new Google Workspace & Duet AI.
  • Missive: Uses OpenAI Integration to help you quickly reply to emails, fix mistakes, and translate messages. You can also customise AI to specific needs.
  • Microsoft 365: Microsoft uses AI throughout its Office applications, this includes generating AI text and images. Explore some of the new AI abilities in our piece about Microsoft Whiteboard AI skills.
  • Canva: Generate images using detailed text prompts and use AI to magic type text from descriptive words.

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