Spark Mail introduces AI feature (+ Exclusive Interview)

25th May, 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes

Spark Mail - New AI Feature

Spark Mail introduced new AI abilities this week. Here's a quick outline of what was released from the Spark Mail by Readdle announcement:

  • Better writing assistance - for idea generation
  • Better expansion of writing - going deeper with assistance
  • Proofread - making sure you don't make any mistakes
  • Tone Phrasing - use tone to help re-phrase entire emails to sound smarter, friendlier, more assertive and more.

Spark Mail re-introduced their email experience a few months prior to help re-centre the focus on being a more assistant based email and intentional for handling email. Spark Mail have focused this last year at streamlining their pricing and offering a more condensed experience for individuals and better expanding their Spark Mail for teams offering too.

Exclusive Chat: with Readdle Co-Founder

This was an a-sync chat with the Readdle founding team member, Alexander Tyasgulsky. Thanks to Readdle and the team for organising this interview of us.

What's the best way to summarise the new release?

Today is the first Spark +AI release that, in a nutshell, helps you write better emails faster.

You spend less time and mental energy writing emails that are more persuasive, and have no errors. Writer's block and time lost stressing over an important email are things of the past with Spark +AI.

What is your objective long-term with AI?

Email is a tool, and as a tool it should help you achieve your goals as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

And, as we are humans and not robots, it also needs to feel good. With AI, as with any other technology, we want to use it to improve as many aspects of your email workflow as possible, saving you time and mental energy. It’s also worth remembering that while Spark +AI is a great tool, it’s you who remains in the driving seat, deciding on the kind of email you wish to send.

Our longer term objective with AI technology is to keep evolving and stay ahead of new trends designed to ignite productivity. The launch of Spark +AI is just the beginning, we have more features coming on this front, so stay tuned.

Everyday use cases for AI in Spark Mail?

Let’s say you receive an email from a client or a partner with a bunch of questions about your service. Since you value your relationship you want to compose an email that makes each of your points clearly, in the right tone of voice.

Stylistically, you also want to make sure your email looks clean, with paragraphs spaced out and spell checked. Spark +AI can help strike just the right balance.

The long-term mission of AI with Spark Mail?

We want to make email a productivity tool rather than a productivity hole. A place where you get things done, rather than a place where you exhaust yourself.

We also want to nurture healthier email habits, and help our users filter out the noise. To achieve this goal, we created a new approach to productivity which we call Intentional Productivity.

This approach includes carving out time - such as 2-3 times a day - to check email, preventing it from acting as a constant bottleneck. It means we've also engineered Spark with lots of helpful features that help our users focus, and prioritize important emails.

People can employ the principles of Intentional Productivity even outside of email, to fight unrealistic demands for their time, energy and attention.

AI is simply the next level in ensuring that Spark continues to be one of the best choices for busy people who want to be fast, confident and professional communicators.

Is this the first AI in email?

Short answer. No.

Many other email tools saw the introduction of new AI assistants like Superhuman with their new AI abilities and Gmail evolving the likes of Duet AI for Workspace.