Obsidian's New Branding Goes Modern & Sleek: Some People Hate It

2nd Jun, 2023

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Obsidian New Logo

Initial reactions have been mixed with Obsidian's new logo on Twitter.

Obsidian's New Logo & Branding

Let's cut to the chase. What does the new Obsidian logo and branding look like.

Obsidian New Text Logo, Not PNG

The old logo looked much more traditional. Much more focused on a classic geometric look and feel. Logo wasn't the only thing they announced, a new website - and a new branding guidelines, here's what this looks like for those who haven't yet explored this.

Obsidian New Logo, New Website Launch

Why People Hate It?

Now, a lot of people like the new branding. But a lot of them don't. The feelings were mixed on Twitter, with some calling the older logo, iconic and that it now looses the previous feel it had about Obsidian.

Reactions on Twitter to Obsidian logo

One of the reasons could be is that the older logo was more traditional for a note-taking application to have, geometric and simple.

A few months ago, Obsidian was introduced to a new CEO, @kepano - Stephan Ango. Since then, there have been several changes, faster updates and even the introduction of Obsidian Canvas which could well explain the introduction of new branding and feel.

New Logo, Obsidian App

The feeling is mixed with the new logo.

What it Reveals about Obsidian?

Obsidian has long been a reliable, free tool.

I'm guessing with this new feel and branding, this is changing. Obsidian can now, with this new logo and feel, be a more Reflect Notes/Capacities style application which could potentially move into a subscription based market.

This is Francesco speaking here, IMO, the older logo and brand feel didn't allow them to do that, it felt legacy. Like very old school. This new logo allows them to be a note-taking application, open the wings and fly despite the audience and reception to the new logo.

Statement from the team after this article:

We're doing some branding updates because Obsidian was really weak in that department, but there's no plan at all to change our business model. We stay true to it.

Thanks to the Obsidian team for jumping and putting me straight.

This explores what Obsidian expert, Danny Hatcher thinks of the new logo and branding.