What Happened at Google Workspace Summit 2023?

Announcements and releases shared at Google Workspace Summit 2023 and the key takeaways Google release with AI and with advancements in Google Workspace expansion.

What Happened at Google Workspace Summit 2023? thumbnail image
The author of this post is Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessio

Wednesday 17th May, 2023



The latest Google Workspace Summit event happened this morning or (this evening for UK) on 17th May 2023 and these are some of the key announcements they made at the event.

They started the event by outlining some elements that have cemented Google Workspace's decision with AI, this is some of their key new figures:

  • Google Workspace has 9 million paying customers globally.
  • 75% of college students prefer Google Workspace across their current provider.
  • Hybrid work is still very much relevant.
  • 5,200 public apps in Google Workspace marketplace with over 5bn downloads
  • They already have AI in Google Workspace with 3bn users worldwide

They then went on to expand the current features in Google Workspace that allows better collaboration like the newer smart chips and @-mention features in Google Docs and how the smart chips API is now open to 3rd party.

They want to focus on collaboration, immerse connections and securing data.

New Features & Announcements from Google Workspace Summit

These are all the newer announcements that came with Google Workspace Summit keynote.

  • Smart Chips comes to Google Sheets
  • Spaces has scaled to 50,000 users
  • Auto transcriptions in English are now available for Google Meet for meetings with plans to add more in other languages.
  • Gmail "Help Me Write" now comes to mobile
  • Dynamic Layouts now in Google Meet - for centring people in the meeting automatically

What's Next for AI?

Google Workspace event felt focused on AI and Google are very much playing catch-up to OpenAI and Microsoft right now, so this event really focused on the Workspace element of this.

They mention that Google Workspace already has a dose of AI in 3bn users Workspace accounts already, over almost 10 years. Google want to continue investing across Workspace with a focus on those three core values.

When is Duet AI coming?

Curious Duet AI for Workspace is all about? Read our piece to explore what that is and how it works. According to Google Workspace, they have no specific date just yet on the release of Duet AI.

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