Best Notion Courses: Learn & Master Everything Notion in 2023

Unlocking the Notion wizardry to build better databases, optimise features, craft linked databases, build API powers and much more with our best Notion course recommendations.

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Thursday 25th May, 2023



Why Learn Notion?

Notion is one of the most flexible of productivity tools on the market and loved by millions. Notion presents an open canvas for whatever you want to build, from a simple habit tracking tool to a complex project management system. This is something that people love and hate about Notion. People love the flexible nature of building whatever you'd like that suits your occasion, but others don't like having an out-of-the-box experience with Notion.

Like all things in life, there's always pros and cons, but many have taken to the internet and offerings to learn Notion inside out and from beginner to advanced. Many have even learnt Notion and now developed their own templates and courses to help people save time.

The Best Notion Courses: Explore Recommendations

There are many courses out there for learning Notion so we've shortlisted ones we've worked with at Keep Productive for many years that deliver a high-quality course offering for learning Notion in unique ways.

We've kept this list shorter at 5 Notion courses to help you narrow your selection, with a range of types of courses. You can find the list of Notion courses below, the courses below will include affiliate links throughout, please note we trust and find these Notion courses as the most reliable offerings in learning Notion:

1. Notion Mastery

The wizardry behind Notion Mastery is brought to you by multiple time guest of Keep Productive, Marie Poulin who offers a very wise approach to Notion focusing on databases, linked databases and building strong foundations to save you time and effort. You can get the course here >

Marie also offers a team Notion course too, for small teams.

2. A to Z Notion: Certified Notion

Notion VIP host and expert, William Nutt has had much success with Notion consultancy with his agency Notion VIP and extends his skills and learnings into the Notion A-Z course that brings Notion wisdom into a beginner to advanced format.

Get this course >

3. Notion for Creative Projects: Domestika

Brought you by host of this course, the wonderful Frances Odera Matthews - this course focuses on building Notion for creative projects. This is a well-priced course and brings a high-quality offering and expands your reach into the possibilities of Notion.

Learn from Frances and her Notion skills >

4. Notion Official: Academy

Notion offers their own academy of courses and it does a very good job exploring the core concepts and even advanced abilities in Notion brought to you by the official Notion team. One to consider when looking for a budget way to learn Notion.

Explore the Notion academy >

5. Notion MasterClass with Ali Abdaal

This is a Skillshare class delivered by Ali Abdaal. Explores how he uses Notion for building his $5M business using Notion and how they use the features from databases and views for optimising his own work and Notion workspaces.

Find out more about Ali's Notion MasterClass here >

Notion's Hardest Features: Explained

There's plenty of features Notion offers. They can be harder to learn and adopt so to get you mentally prepared for these courses, let's expose you to some of these to get you started with the concepts within Notion:

  • Databases - think of databases like these mouldable tools. Add items to databases and you can use views, filters and sorting to make your database look like anything. Want a project management view of tasks for your team, assigned only to you - all can be done with databases in Notion. They are buildable apps and don't take too long to learn.
  • Blocks - like what they say on the tin, Notion blocks are simple ways to start building out a page. You can press "/" to pop open your block options, from text to integrations, this will give you unlimited potential to expand pages with whatever you need.
  • Linked Databases - databases are the backend, linked databases are the frontend of Notion, they are basically like widgets or previews of the databases, giving you ways to embed them across Notion to express information that is sourced from the original database without having to build another databases - smart.
  • Notion API - the power that Notion is expanding into with your integrations or building your own, this will allow you to extend your capabilities further with Notion.

Next up, you might be stumped with the basics of Notion - why not explore that?

Wait, what's Notion?

Find Alternatives to Notion

Notion does offer a lot of value for an all-in-one productivity tool. However, there are plenty of more alternatives to Notion that provide great and different experiences, some better for more traditional teams, some better for individual note-taking, and some better as a different design and experience.

Here's our recommendations:

Notion Alternatives

Whether you're looking to build an effective Notion or finding a productivity tool, explore our other recommended productivity tool lists below:

Explore Beyond Notion Courses

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