Your Beginner's Guide to Vimcal: Unlock the Power of Vimcal Calendar

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Vimcal Calendar: What is it?

Vimcal has recently launched claiming to be the world's fastest calendar application. Vimcal is best suited for those working and living remotely and needing to adjust to time zones, schedule calls, and organise events and tasks. This calendar app is focused on a premium management of your calendar.

It calls itself “an executive assistant designed as a calendar app.”

Pull up different timezones to be sure you’re scheduling a meeting at an appropriate time, not 1 AM with someone on the other side of the world!

Vimcal provides a super fast way to share your availability with others, making scheduling meetings and calls quick and easy. Simply select when you're free, and others can book with you, and vice versa.

This calendar application is relatively easy to use, anyone can get started with Vimcal. You can also learn how to navigate through Vimcal using hotkeys and shortcuts to further speed up time, and get more done. You can exit one call inside the app, and enter the next right away, there's no need to leave and open another piece of software, everything you need for meetings is right inside Vimcal.

The Fast Calendar Features of Vimcal

Since Vimcal is one of the fastest calendar applications in the world, it needs to hold some pretty good time-saving features.

Vimcal offers features that allow you to quickly arrange meetings, see different timezones, create meeting notes almost instantly and share calendars to check availability.

  • Slots - Slots are the most popular feature within Vimcal, this is where you set and send your availability to your teammates to save time scheduling meetings. All you need to do is click and drag the empty/available sections within your calendar and Vimcal automatically types them up for you. From here you can copy and send your availability to someone else including a booking link.
  • Time Travel - With time travel you can look up any city and add the timezone to your calendar. You will then see your timezone and the new one side by side, this makes it easier to arrange meetings and calls without you having to do any math.
  • Meet With - The Meet With feature allows you to select certain team members and combine your calendars. This is a great way to see where you can fit in a meeting and who is available where and when.
  • Templates - When you create a new event, previously created templates will appear when you begin typing. Creating templates for recurring meetings is a brilliant way to save time. When a template appears, simply click it and all the information for the meeting is already there.

Where to get Vimcal Calendar?

Vimcal Calendar, Past Week, View for Calendar Events

Download Vimcal on iOS, Windows and Mac. Vimcal is now also available on iOS for free and supports all Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft accounts.

What Does Vimcal Have Pricing Available Yet?

With Vimcal you carry out a 14-day free trial to test the app and its features. This is always a great idea when trying new apps for yourself and with your team to make sure it fits in with your workflow and is actually beneficial to you.

After the free trial has ended, you need to pay $15 per month to access the software. If you did want to use only the iOS app, you can use that for free onwards according to their pricing plans.

Alternatives to Vimcal

Are there other alternatives to Vimcal that I should consider?

Yes. Cron Calendar, Morgen and Fantastical 3 are all good alternatives to Vimcal. All of these present less expensive, reliable alternatives to Vimcal but probably won't give you as much speed as what the Vimcal experience offers.

Who Should Use Vimcal?

Vimcal is a great calendar application for those working remotely, especially if team members are spread across the globe.

It’s also just a great application for anyone who works with a larger team and has frequent calls and meetings. It makes organising and sharing availability a lot easier, saving time and creating space to get more tasks done. You will be looking at a more premium pricing if you want to go all in compared to other tools.