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Notion Projects - Announcement

What is Notion Projects?

Notion Projects has essentially always been around.

You have always been able to manage your projects inside Notion using its wide range of connected features.

If you already use Notion, you'll understand this, however, if you're new to Notion, you've most likely been making your projects into smaller lists of tasks and going from there. Notion Projects is here to show you that managing projects can be much more (and better) than messy lists, it can all be consolidated into one place.

Google Keep, on All Devices in Shot

Now, Notion Projects has had an upgrade to ensure teams no longer need to use multiple applications to manage different aspects of their project such as meetings, documents, notes and more. It wants Notion for teams to become more seamless, automated and advanced to create an amazingly fast experience for teams of any kind and any size.

Overall, Notion Projects is a connected tool for supporting individuals and teams throughout the entire project workflow, from start to finish, all inside one place.

The first of its kind to make AI available for projects, to everyone.

Key Features & New Releases in Notion Projects

Notion Projects has three core features added to enhance the project management experience inside Notion. You have AI properties, Sprints and ID properties.

Let's take a deeper look:

1. AI Properties

Notion is the first project management solution with fully accessible AI for users and Notion for teams. Projects now have something called AI Autofill, this feature helps save teams so much time and assists them throughout an entire project. AI Autofill can do things like generate summaries, create follow-ups and much more, everything that is AI automated and auto-filled with then constantly updated throughout the project across all databases for everyone.

2. Sprints Beta

Upgraded Sprint plans improve the workflow for development teams by giving them their ideal place to manage an entire project.

Sprints help teams move seamlessly from one thing to another, saving time and the need to move between apps. Sprints have new updated templates, perfect for getting started right away and the ability to customise pre-built setups to really create a workspace suitable for your team's specific needs.

3. ID Properties

Notion have introduced a way of tracking IDs, something that many people in development and issue tracking will like allowing all items added in a database to have a property for ID tracking. This is popular for those using sprint planning and development.

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Previous Notion Release: Teamspaces

In case you missed it, Notion introduced Teamspaces several months ago to help enhance how teams see and co-ordinate pages across a company layout and structure.

How Can Notion Help Teams?

Notion is becoming super popular with teams and much more flexible as an open canvas in comparisons to tools like ClickUp or monday.com, sometimes a pro and sometimes a con.

We've even covered teams that are using it solely remotely for managing projects, documents and more for a 90-person team. Since then teams have been using it in higher and large capacities.

The new Notion projects helps to align teams that previously might have been stuck with Notion. The new onboarding allows them to build a workspace without complex templates or systems that they have to rely on with consultancy, the new AI helps to automate smaller tasks (something we've seen from Coda AI in former releases).

And the improvements of sprints, allows a better experience for those using it for that type of day-to-day work, almost advanced and customised further. So this new release focuses much more on how the Notion Projects can consolidate what people are doing.

And coming after the Linear audience for sure.

Notion Projects, Not For Your Team?

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