New Evernote Feature: Real Time Editing Lands On Devices

Evernote New Real Time Editing

Real-time editing for many has been a long wait for Evernote users. But on May 5th, Evernote announced it as part of their subscription changes and company wide update since being acquired by Bending Spoons, Italian-based development company.

If you wanted to explore what Evernote announced, we spoke with Evernote's product designer about their latest announcement here. Now comes real-time editing in Evernote.

Vlad Campos has joined us to explore this new feature from Evernote and how it has affected him, as an Evernote expert, he's looking to help you understand the feature (real-time editing) and how it can have an impact on your work with Evernote.

Curious what Evernote is?

What is Real-Time Editing in Evernote?

It's a feature that lets up to 50 people edit a note simultaneously. Visually, it looks like other collaborative editing spaces, like Google's for example. But this feature is good news for all Evernote users. Because it changed the way notes synchronize, note conflicts are now pretty hard to happen.

Use Cases for Real-Time Editing in Evernote?

I have seen my clients use it in many ways already, but it looks like meeting notes is a winner so far. Particularly, when there is an executive assistant taking meeting notes for a CEO, manager, or director. The executive has to be focused on the meeting, which is why someone else is taking notes. However, RTE allows them to contribute with a few points in real time, and I've been told that it has been a game-changing experience.

How have you used it for day-to-day note-taking?

Please do not judge me, but I have two computers on my desk, one where I do my main work and the other where I keep Evernote Home (aka my dashboard) running all the time.

Apple's Continuity function allows me to easily move from one computer to the other, but occasionally, I end up with the same note open in both. Before, this would eventually make a mess in a meeting note, but thanks to real-time editing in Evernote, I haven't had a single conflict problem so far. I'm also using it in a more normal way. I have recently begun testing it with people I invite to my YouTube channel. I always share a note with a broad view of what the conversation will look like and also some questions to which I would like answered before the interview. Given the editing permissions this note must have, it would likely create a conflict. That is in the past now.

How long have you been waiting for Real-Time Editing in Evernote?

I've known about it for a long time and was even testing the beta, but, to be honest, it's not a feature I've been waiting for. However, like I mentioned above, it is a great addition for all users, and I'm thrilled with the synchronization improvements.

Thanks to Vlad for fiving us a better window into real-time editing in Evernote, to summarise Evernote has a fantastic resource that allows you to understand the feature in-depth if you're considering Evernote.

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